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What I Might Do

If it were up to me.

Right away:

> A 10th Ave pavilion housing the lifeguard station and tower and that would include a (not too fancy) dividable public meeting room for the Women’s Club and such.  Maybe a twin-building design like what was originally planned for 8th Ave would be good, minus, of course, the rooftop golf.

> A police sub-station at 18th Ave.  The police don’t need a watch tower to look for “illicit activity” on the beach, i.e. people smoking.  They should just spend their days and nights looking across the street.

Then, after all the FEMA stuff is sorted out:

If the folks at Waterview Pavilion don’t object, and all the important infrastructure projects are done, and at that point we can still afford it, maybe we can look into putting a nice one-story banquet hall at 5th Ave.  With Silver Lake and the gazebo nearby, it is a beautiful spot for weddings and other gatherings.

Of course I would be happy to make all this subject to approval by public referendum.


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  1. Tom Burke wrote:

    I would just as soon stay with the plan that was presented at the 8-7 meeting, but with all the details and costs known, and subject to the approval of all voters in the November election. I am not in favor of a second story on the Taylor Pavilion because of parking concerns and other costs such as maintaining an elevator near salt water…..BUT, I would leave any final design up to the voters.

    Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 1:56 pm | Permalink

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