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Radical Tea Party Nuts Want To Destroy Belmar And USA!

There’s a letter in today’s Coast Star  supposedly written by Councilwoman Jennifer Nicolay.  I say supposedly because while she may have written some of it, there’s absolutely, in my opinion, no way she wrote the fourth paragraph.  It’s standard Democratic boilerplate and had to have written either by mayor Matt Doherty or Belmar Democratic chairman Luis Pulido.  Anyway, here is the paragraph:

I have seen firsthand how both Tea Party Republican candidates want to follow in Jim Bean’s destructive path. I feel their actions are divisive, and they look to impose a radical anti-government ideology on our town. This type of thinking is apparent on a grander level as we witness the damage being done due to the government shutdown. Politics should be put to the side in Belmar, but these Tea Party Republicans put politics over doing what is right for the people. We have had a tremendous amount of progress the past couple of years by overcoming the partisanship that too often puts selfish goals above what’s best for Belmar.

Since I am certain that either Doherty or Pulido wrote that, I will refer to the author with the male pronoun.  First of all none of the three of us have ever been part of any Tea Party organization so I’d like to know where he got that information.  Actually Jim, Tom and I are three rather different types of Republicans.  The way I see it, Jim is sort of a conservative Ronald Reagan-type Republican, Tom is a moderate Republican in the mold of former governor Tom Kean and even worked in the Kean administration.  I am a libertarian-leaning Republican who is a fan of Rand Paul.  You see, unlike the Democrats, we Republicans can actually think for ourselves and yet still work together as a team.

I always find it amusing to hear conservatives or the Tea Party folks referred to as “radical”.  Matt, or Luis or whoever wrote this: CONSERVATIVES WISH TO CONSERVE.  You can only conserve something that already existed.  Conservative look to protect the traditions that made this country the greatest that ever existed.  It is radicals like Obama, Doherty and Pulido that don’t like and want to change America and Belmar with unprecedented levels of government planning, government debt and interference in our medical care.  I should say unprecedented for America and for Belmar.  Radical big government liberalism and debt has been tried in many countries and in many American cities and has failed in every case.

You see, I love America and Belmar they way they are.  I liked the beachfront the way it was.  I like freedom and low taxes.  I believe in free enterprise and capitalism.  What a nut!

And about those “radical” Tea Partiers that Doherty and Pulido hate so much, here are some of them:




“Dangerous radicals”?  They look more like our parents!



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  1. Teddy Ehmann wrote:

    History, I hope will be knd to the Jennifer Nicolay’s of this world. I know it is somewhere in the Bible about gaining everything but loosing your own soul. I cannot judge Ms. Nicolay but I know enough History to realize that unless she is willing to kill innocent people for the sake of “the collective good”, she might be turning on her friends and neighbors as a pawn for what truly is an radical idealogogy.

    Saturday, October 12, 2013 at 4:07 pm | Permalink

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