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Rible, Kean To Run Unopposed?

Clerk Christine Hanlon too?

More Monmouth Musings is reporting that County Democrat Chair Vin Gopal has been unable to recruit any candidates to run this fall for State Assembly in the 30th district. Pointing to Democratic sources, author Art Gallagher tells us that if the Rible/Kean ticket is going to face any challengers, those challengers will need to come from Ocean County.  There are two Ocean County towns in the 30th district, Lakewood and Point Pleasant Boro.

Vin GopalVin Gopal

tile-ribleDavid Rible

tile-keanSean Kean

Actually when I ran for Assembly in 2011 as a Libertarian there were Democrats for both slots and both were from Ocean, one from Point and one from Lakewood.  Maybe the Ocean Dems are going to need to look those guys up.

Of course Ocean County isn’t going to be able to help Gopal find an opponent for Christine Hanlon, who was recently appointed to finish out the retiring Clair French’s term as County Clerk.  Gopal is reported to be still trying.  Any takers?


Christine Hanlon

The Monmouth County Democratic convention is to be held March 23 at the IBEW 400 hall.  Gallagher reports that local 400 is running one their own, Neptune Committeeman and IBEW “political coordinator” Eric Houghtaling, as a Democrat in the 11th against Casagrande and Angelini.

Glad I don’t live up there.


  1. everyone's for sale wrote:

    I would suggest Doherty run, but I’m not sure 250 D’Jais votes would be enough to push him over the edge in an assembly race. Maybe that’s why he isn’t interested. But on the plus side, of the 200+ authorized messenger ballots turned in by the D’Jais bartenders, most live somewhere in Monmouth County, so there might be no challenges or lawsuits.

    Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 3:25 pm | Permalink
  2. admin wrote:

    Well I guess they would have to live in one of the 12 Monmouth County towns that are in the 30th district. Or in Point Boro or Lakewood.

    Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at 3:46 pm | Permalink

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