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Romney’s Own Solyndras

From yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

Mitt Romney reiterated this week his belief that government shouldn’t be “picking winners” in the private sector, and his campaign is pounding away at the argument that the Obama administration did exactly that in its failed investment in the Solyndra solar panel company.

But as the Solyndra debate rolls on, that line of attack is being shadowed by a vestige of Mr. Romney’s own history: his championing of green-energy investments, some of which also went belly up, while he was governor of Massachusetts.

The $15 million Mr. Romney set aside for the Massachusetts Green Energy Fund when he was governor was a fraction of the $535 million in loan guarantees the Department of Energy gave Solyndra before it went bankrupt, part of an overall $16 billion fund. Still, the campaign of President Barack Obama is now citing the Massachusetts fund in an attempt to undercut the Romney argument that the administration has wrongly meddled in the private sector. The Democratic message is simple: The Republican contender did pretty much the same thing.

The Democrats correctly said that about Obamacare and they are correct to say it now about subsidizing green energy boondoggles.  I guess next we’ll hear that Romney smuggled guns to Mexican drug gangs in the hopes of creating more support for gun control. 


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