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Some Towns Jail Pay-To-Play Violators

Because any outdoor activities you might have planned this morning are cancelled due to the rain, you can instead read the pay to play laws of other towns in the state.  To do so, click on the image below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.05.45 AM

I just looked through the laws for every town in the first three counties on the list.  While generally they are not as restrictive as Belmar’s law, which is unfortunate for the taxpayers of these other towns, some of them have penalties that are more severe than simply disqualifying violators from participating in certain Council business.  Just in the first three counties, Atlantic, Bergen and Burlington, I found four towns that include imprisonment as possible penalty for violators.

Margate, Atlantic County:


Allendale, Bergen County:


Teterboro, Bergen County:


And Beverly, Burlington County:



So if you look at Doherty’s 2016 campaign filings and multiply the number of violations by 90 days…….I think we’re looking at a life sentence.


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