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You can’t say I’m not at least trying to get the information to you.


And speaking of redevelopment…..

This came in my mail yesterday:


  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Sunlight matters
    When it comes to finding a new home, ask any New Yorker for their top three must-haves. Good sunlight is often one of them – and for good reason. A growing body of research points to the benefits of sunlight exposure from lowering blood pressure and anxiety to improving productivity and sleep.

    Yet, knowing the quality of a home’s sunlight is one of the most difficult things to verify before moving in.

    You can’t get a true sense of the light a home or apartment enjoys by browsing online. Real estate websites aim to show off the best side of every listing. Images are sometimes brightened, and many listings include words like “bright,” or “sun-drenched.” You must make the time and effort to visit every home you’re considering — and still struggle to get the complete picture. Open houses are often held during the brightest times of day, making your visit (typically only 15- to 30-minutes) a potentially different experience from actual day-to-day life. Furthermore, visiting on a summer day rarely helps you understand what it will be like in winter. Ultimately, this leads to many New Yorkers having regrets about their choice of apartment.

    This is just one of many problems that we set out to solve at

    We designed our search so that you will find dozens of insights describing what it’s like to live at any NYC address, today and in the future. We just introduced a brand new category: sunlight. You can now find a description of the amount of sunlight every facade of every building in NYC gets throughout the year, from top-to-bottom. The descriptions include hours of the day it will be brightest, along with how different floors are affected by shadows cast from surrounding buildings.

    No sunlight and shadow analysis has ever been done at this scale and released freely to the public.
    Read more at link

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  2. Another Highrise wrote:

    As another comment said on another post, I think it is time to revisit our zoning rules, master plan, and redevelopment plan now that a new administration is in power. The priorities and sentiment in the borough have changed. Residents should not feel like they are in a never-ending war with the council, zoning, and planning boards. We should make clear what the residents of the town want and envision for future development in our borough.

    I strongly feel that strict development rules forbidding four stories east of main or adjacent to any residential lot would be a good idea (and insurance for homeowners). In addition, I think more reasonable setbacks and/or stepbacks need to be codified to act as a buffer between residential lots and lots to be developed.

    This is an opportunity for this new administration to show that they are on the side of the residents and homeowners. Or I guess they could show that it is going to be more of the same – density at all costs. We’ll see. I hope it is the former.

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