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Where Should Law Come From?

In the American system it should come up from the people not down from the government.  Our society and our culture should determine what sorts of laws we want to live under and we should then elect representative governments that will enact only the laws the people want and have asked for.  The government should be neutral about any new laws and just do what we tell them (as long as we don’t tell them to violate the rights of others.)

This is not what we have today.  Now the government decides what laws it wants and then uses it’s power to mold public opinion to get us to go along with it.  So we’re subject to a constant and massive barrage of propaganda in the media and in the schools to try to convince us that we should want to give this or that power to the government.  Whether it’s wars on drugs, obesity, terror, tobacco, guns, poverty, “climate change” or whatever, the government wants to decide how we decide what we want from the government.  This is certainly not  “Of the people, by the people and for the people.”

When a government sees the need to change and shape our culture, it’s the government, and not the culture, that we need to change if we want to remain free and self-governing.


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