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You Can Read It In The Sunday Papers

Read All About It!

Like Mother in the Joe Jackson song, I love the Sunday papers.  There’s almost always something interesting to comment on buried within it’s pages.

In today’s Press there are three items that caught my eye.

First there is some hand wringing over the fact that New Jersey has fallen into third place behind California and Arizona in the race to waste the greatest amount of the peoples’ money on solar power.  The print story goes on to report that this tragedy has occurred despite a law passed last year and signed by Chris Christie that props up the price of solar credits at a cost of $6.1 billion to the people of New Jersey.  I guess we need to double down and make it $12 billion.  To have California and Arizona beat us is a disgrace and is completely unacceptable.

Next is a report that there are 2400 Rutgers employees that make over $100,000 year.  This is a huge problem for which there is only one possible solution: More tax money for student aid and student loans!

Lastly is the front page story about a storm-displaced family that gave up on the government helping them to find permanent housing and moved to Florida instead.  We’re all sad to see anybody leave, but unmentioned in the story is that more people leave New Jersey than any other state (more than 3900 families last year) and it has nothing to do with hurricanes.  In fact Florida, which has lots of hurricanes but no income tax, is one of the top destinations of residents fleeing New Jersey.



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