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Here are the statutes governing what the borough does with the petitions that were turned in July 30.

40:49-27b. Certification of petition
Within 10 days after the filing of the petition, the municipal clerk shall examine the same and ascertain whether or not it is signed by the requisite number of qualified voters, and shall attach its certificate showing the result of the examination. If the petition is insufficient, the clerk shall return the petition to the person filing it. The petition may be amended and refiled within 10 days after the receipt thereof from the clerk. Within 10 days after receiving an amended petition, the clerk shall examine the petition. If the petition is sufficient, the clerk shall submit it to the governing body of the municipality without delay, and shall take all necessary steps required by R.S. 40:49-10 and this amendatory and supplementary act for the scheduling of an election on the ordinance. If the petition is not sufficient, the clerk shall return it to the person filing it, and the ordinance shall become operative immediately or on the 20th day following publication of the ordinance after final passage, as appropriate.


40:49-10. Time of election; special election; ballot
Any proposition submitted to the voters of any municipality under the provisions of section 40:49-9 or of section 40:49-27 of this title shall be voted upon at the next general election held in the municipality at least thirty days after the filing of the protest or protests herein provided for, unless the governing body thereof shall call a special election therefor. Such special election shall be conducted and canvassed by the same officers and in the same manner as nearly as may be as prescribed by the laws regulating general elections. The proposition to be voted upon shall be stated on the ballots in substantially the following form:

“To vote upon the public question printed below if in favor thereof mark a cross (X) or plus (+) in the square at the left of the word YES, and if opposed thereto mark a cross (X) or plus (+) in the square at the left of the word NO.

“Shall an ordinance of the ……………..

[ ] YES (name of governing body) of the

…….. of …….. (name of municipality)

[ ] NO entitled ……………… (title of ordinance

and date of passage) be ratified?”

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